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MT600GAUS - 406MHz GPS EPIRB - Manual Activation

MT600GAUS - 406MHz GPS EPIRB - Manual Activation

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Compact and lightweight, the MT600 is easy to install on any vessel utilising the specially designed quick release mounting bracket.  The MT600 features zero warm-up digital technology and an automatically deployed antenna.

Certified by Cospas-Sarsat for worldwide usage, and boasting a 10 year battery life, the MT600 represents great value for such an important piece of emergency equipment.

GME’s digital Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) have lead to hundreds of successful rescues in Australia and around the world. With over 35 years experience engineering and manufacturing EPIRBs in Australia, GME is at the forefront in development of life saving safety equipment. The MT600 builds on this heritage, delivering next generation performance to commercial and recreational mariners alike.

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