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SARCA ANCHOR: The patented design is unique and revolutionary, offering superb holding power on a variety of bottom types including mud, sand, gravel and rock. This eliminates the need to carry two or more anchors to do the same job! SARCA’s unique design makes it both safer and easier to use. The penetrating ability and holding power of the SARCA must be experienced to be believed.

Easy to use on all bottom types:

Mud or sand

Position the boat directly above the SUPER SARCA and apply light and stead pressure. The SUPER SARCA’s special slots allow a break in suction which, coupled with a long shank, means the SARCA is easy to free.

Rock or Reef

Simply motor directly above and pull all the slack rope in. Then release approximately ½ metre of rope and tie off. Motor your boat forward over the anchor. This lifts the shank resulting in a very high recovering rate. The moment the anchor releases, the stainless steel D-shackle slides to the front of the anchors’ shank and resets.  View the documentary video about the revolutionary SUPER SARCA anchor, explaining how SUPER SARCA beats the competition and the design that makes SUPER SARCA work in mud, sand, gravel and rock conditions.

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