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Sarca Excel Anchor

Sarca Excel Anchor

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The SARCA EXCEL is a certified Super High Holding Power Anchor. It has a cast filled ballast to ensure self-righting. It’s new design of 70 percent convex, 30 percent concave and part of this concave being the cutting edge ensuring penetration into seafloor. A must have anchor for both small & large vessels particularly, when safety is concerned, such as anchoring in rough weather, overnight or extended voyages. Excel is not a plough anchor there are no plough sheers, in their place is what are called single plain concave flukes, this being the greater part of its concave arrangement, rather than plough the substrate this new fluke arrangement is designed to compress, then directs the material-substrate over the rear of the Excel forcing itself deeper as more load is applied. As a world first, the steel Excel version has a stainless steel cutting toe in combination with a steel fluke, this toe is not unlike the original SUPER SARCA toe in its shape, turned down giving instant penetration, it can be sharpened for weed or hard substrate types, being of stainless the cutting edges do not rust, all of the above makes the SACRA EXCEL possibly the deepest diving anchor on the market allowing incredible performance in heavy weed and many sea bed types.  


The SARCA EXCEL collapsible anchor offers the same excellent holding power of the SARCA EXCEL with the convenience of an easily storable anchor that is light to handle.

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